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Founded by a team of creative designers and technology enthusiasts, S-Name blends artistry with innovation to create personalized DPs that resonate with your individuality. Whether you’re looking for a professional image for LinkedIn, a vibrant avatar for gaming, or a unique graphic for social media, S-Name has you covered.

At S-Name, every DP is a canvas. The design process begins with understanding you—your preferences, style, and the message you want to convey. Our designers work closely with you to create a digital persona that aligns with your personality. The result is a custom DP that looks stunning and communicates your essence.

What sets S-Name apart is its commitment to creativity and versatility. From sleek, minimalist designs to bold, colorful graphics, we offer a range of styles to suit any taste. Our team stays ahead of design trends, ensuring your DP is contemporary and timeless. We also embrace innovative technologies, incorporating elements like 3D graphics, animation, and augmented reality to make your DP unique.

Beyond aesthetics, S-Name understands the importance of functionality. Our DPs are optimized for various platforms, ensuring they look great on all devices. We also offer packages for businesses and content creators, providing consistent branding across multiple profiles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is S-Name?

S-Name is a digital design platform that creates custom display pictures (DPs) for various online platforms, including social media, gaming, and professional networks. We focus on providing personalized, unique, and artistically crafted DPs that reflect individual personalities and styles.

How do I order a custom DP from S-Name?

To order a custom DP, visit our website and select the type you desire. You can choose from various styles and provide specific details about your preferences. Our designers will work with you to create a DP that matches your vision.

What types of DPs does S-Name offer?

S-Name offers a variety of DP styles, including minimalist, abstract, 3D graphics, animated, and more. We also provide options for professional use, such as LinkedIn profiles, and personal use, like gaming avatars and social media icons.

How long does it take to receive my custom DP?

The time it takes to receive your DP depends on the complexity of the design and current demand. Typically, it takes 2 to 5 business days from submitting your order until you receive your custom DP.

Can I request changes to my custom DP after receiving it?

Yes, S-Name offers a revision policy allowing you to request changes to your DP if it’s not what you expected. The number of free revisions depends on the package you choose. After that, additional revisions may incur a fee.

Is there customer support available if I have questions or issues?

Absolutely. S-Name has a dedicated customer support team to assist with questions or issues. You can reach them through our website’s contact form, email, or social media channels.


In a world where first impressions often happen online, your display picture (DP) is more than just an image—it’s a personal brand statement. S-Name understands the power of a well-crafted DP and has made it its mission to help you create a digital persona that resonates with your unique style and personality.

With a team of talented designers, a commitment to innovation, and a customer-centric approach, S-Name delivers high-quality, custom-designed DPs for various purposes. Whether you need a professional look for LinkedIn, a creative avatar for gaming, or a distinctive profile picture for social media, S-Name offers a range of styles to suit your needs.

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